We’re a TRUE Manufacturer of commercial vehicle brake system components.

We’re not a new age manufacturer which sometimes lacks a full understanding of what true manufacturing is.

We are the mold/die building, assembly line creating, metal stamping, sparks flying while welding kind that knows as much about stretching metal, die casting aluminum, and making braking components as we have been able to learn since 1978.

Our Ranger team is a true family of quick minded hard working folks that come to work every day giving it our all with the only real end game being to provide our customers exactly what they need to thrive in the markets they serve. 

Although Ranger specializes in U.S. Manufacturing and Assembly, we are not asleep at the wheel.

We offer Made in the USA, Assembled in the USA, and World Sourced lines so that we can meet all levels of our market demands. It helps us maintain a Good, Better, and Best approach to giving customers the options they need to succeed with ease.

We have a second-to-none qualifying process which ensures each and every product is certified before it’s actually sold in the USA. This type of commitment protects our Company, Our customers, and the millions of people that travel on our Highways. By providing qualified product that is tested in the USA, we are trying to do our part to keep it safe out there.