Specializing in quality USA made truck and trailer parts.

    “A U.S. Manufacturer of quality spring brakes and heavy duty products."  Ranger Brake Products, Inc is a privately owned engineering based manufacturer producing a complete line of world class spring brakes, piggybacks, and service chambers. Utilizing our in house ability to efficiently eliminate cost VIA automation and system controls, we continue to push forward as a U.S. manufacturer while maintaining all the advantages of foreign competitors with cheap labor.  We are completely committed to providing the world's best value when it comes to the 3 things that matter most.


    1. Price: It is our 100% guarantee to be the most competitive option worldwide considering apples to apples comparisons.

    2. Quality: As a family business, our reputation and very livelihood depends on good quality, "period". By utilizing stringent system controls, we allow ourselves to produce high quality products with consistency that does not exist elsewhere.

    3. Service: Whether it be shipping service, lead time, or customer service, we absolutely dominate the industry. We ship 99.8% of our orders on time. When you need to call us, you will always speak with a vested member of our family team. There is no better service than speaking with a true professional that lives and breathes their profession. Just try us.

    4. Customers: We service many of the world's most elite customers in both the OEM and aftermarkets, and we would like nothing more than an opportunity to go to work for you.



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Mark Prichard
Phone: 615-536-5020
Fax: 615-536-5023
Email: mark@rangerbrake.net